As we age, the natural shine and the health of our hair reduces and eventually becomes dull, frizzy, and thin. However, this natural process starts showing up at early ages due to some bad habits of the person.

The use of unnatural products, using heat iron, blow drying, and the effects of pollution are some of the many reasons that make our hair lose their natural strength. Some intelligent people use shampoo without SLS that helps a lot to retain the moisture of the scalp and helps to fight with the polluted environment of the city.


If you are also concerned about the strength of your hair, make sure you are not making following mistakes.

1. Not using the shampoos that don’t have sodium laureth sulfate

Your shampoo decides whether your hair will be able to retain the natural moisture in the scalp or not. The sulfates of the regular shampoos dry your hair by removing all the oil from the scalp. It makes your hair unprotected in front of damages and they start getting thinner at early ages of your life. On the other hand, SLS free shampoos provide all the natural moisture to the hair. Unlike regular shampoos, these are helpful in keeping the scalp free from irritation, and don’t let the split ends, tangling damage your hairstyle.

2. Shampooing daily and avoiding the use of shampoo without SLS and paraben.

Shampooing and conditioning are important to clean your scalp and provide the necessary nourishment to the hair. But there is a catch! You can’t wash your hair every day, as it dries out all the moisture from the scalp.
Another mistake people make is by avoiding the use of natural hair products. The harsh chemicals in regular shampoos don’t just dry your hair, but also damage the roots of it.

3. Trying to get the positive effects of shampoo without SLS and sles from extra conditioner

Some people think that they can get the nourishment by using extra conditioner after the shampoo wash. Well, guess what, it is a myth! You can’t get the lost moisture back just by using extra conditioner. Hence, use Non sulfate shampoo and apply a little amount of conditioner after washing it. Make sure you are covering the ends of your strands.

4. You use a regular deep conditioner after using shampoo without sodium lauryl sulfate

It is correct that deep conditioning prevents the hair breakage and seals the hair cuticle. But when you use a regular deep conditioner after using a natural, Sulfate free shampoo, all of your efforts go in vain. Most of the regular deep conditioners contain sulfates and other harsh chemicals that destroy the efforts of the natural shampoo you have used earlier. Hence, keep a sulfate free deep conditioner to complement your shampoo product.

These are the four mistakes that people usually make. Now, you know what you need to avoid in order to keep those strands shiny for a long time.

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With the right products, you will get the desired results without harming your hair.