There is no perfect watch on earth, so just make sure that the watch you are looking for satisfying as many of desires as possible.

Wearing a good, quality watch can help ensure that you are never late for an important appointment. It can also be a symbol of your fashion flair. If you are looking for a watch from a recognizable brand, you should check out options from Guess Watches.

Whether you are looking for a stopwatch otherwise called a chronograph, perpetual calendar which does not need to be adjusted very often or a 24-hour hand for a second-time-zone (GMT) and others. These three categories will touch aspects of the watch or its construction that are often not working well. Moreover, these items are overall features to look out for.

Presented below are the top five features you should look out for in any watch.

1.   Weight

Often times, weight signifies solid construction using a high-quality steel. So when you want to buy any watch, try and feel the weight of a case and bracelet to make sure it is substantial enough to justify your investment. Some like heavy watches but speaking from the point of view of price watches with heavy weight often times signifies a sign of quality.

2.   Steady pricing

Retail prices are just a number set so that even authorised retailers can show to the consumer that they are buying at the premium. The fact is that some watches are discounted only a bit or not at all, but the vast majority of Guess Watches, especially at these prices levels, are sold below retail prices. That is good to know.

Now, due to the fact that prices are often below retail, you want to pay the actual, consistent street price. So, before you engage in any buy decision, always check to ensure that the retail price of the dealer you are buying from is at par with other dealers in order to avoid inconsistent pricing. What you want to look for is consistency among retailers so that prices do not vary wildly from seller-to-seller.

3.   Excellent lamination

Not all watches are expected to have dials that illuminate in the dark for low light viewing. These are typically the more classic or formal watches. However, almost all sport and casual watches have some type of illuminant that is applied on the hands as well as somewhere on the dial. The quality of illuminant greatly varies. Some are so impractical that it should not even be there.

4.   Strong metal construction

Steel watches should be made from grade 316L stainless steel almost all the time. Additionally, the watch case and bracelet links should be solid pieces of metal, rather than folded metal or anything hollow. It is easy to tell if a bracelet is solid by inspecting the side of it and noticing if looks like one solid piece. In watches at this level, cases are best made from the fewest number of pieces and using the most metal possible.

5.   Designed by the actual watch makers

Consider that there are two categories of watch makers. The watch makers that care about how well a watch functions as a timepiece; and others that just care about how they look. The best watches are designed using fundamental watch design principles that uphold function and value. The alternative is fashion watches that might look nice, but actually have excess or dwindling design issues.

So, the last thing you want is your nice looking guess watches to function like a movie prop. So do yourself a favour by really taking a good long look at the dial and all its features, figuring out what each and every function does, along with making a decision of whether it is usable given your standards.