There are many things which come to your mind and need to learn about when we heard the word nutrition. But the normal concept is “what goes inside must come out”. Our  body is like a machine, it uses to take what is primarily needs. And its takes from what we feed it and gets rid of the rest by the bowels and urines.
If you notice that you are having a problem with elimination then you must take it seriously and consult with a doctor. Many people are going through this problem, so don’t be shy or anything, it may be serious to your health.
The initial step is to find out if there even is a problem. Mainly you need to see how many bowel movements you are taking daily (BM). If it’s one per day then its ok, moreover it’s better to have 2 or3 BM’s a day and a bit more if you eat more often. But if you see it’s having one per week or two per month, then you having a serious problem.
For some people, they use to say they don’t have the time. The reason may be they are out all the day and would prefer to not to have their BM in public Washroom rather than the home bathroom. But frankly, you need to clean your colon bit happy if you used to go several times for a day. But here is a trick for you, if you would eat a lot of raw vegetables or fruits, eat steamed beets and use more digestive enzymes with your daily meals. You may do whatever you can it will be beneficial to you.
I just lighted a small touch in the subject, but if you feel any problem then you must consult with a doctor and take a seek help. Like every problem it is not a good for your body and health, take care of it now and look forward to tomorrow. May you live with a happy and prosper life.