Have you been putting on a few pounds a year? In just a few short years you could find yourself ten or fifteen percent overweight. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with your weight all your life. It can be demoralizing and constantly challenging. While Groupon coupons offer great deals on plus size fashion at Torrid, some style just doesn’t lend themselves to plus size figures. Follow these steps from the health experts to reclaim your self-esteem, ideal body size and strong muscles for a new and fabulous you.

Healthy Food

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• Healthy Eating and

Strong and fit is a combination of mindful eating, consistent exercise, and strong relationships. There’s a strong tendency to fill emotional voids with overeating and a sedentary lifestyle. For example, stress eating can lead to over consumption especially since most people use fast foods for that. These actions actually compound the underlying issues.

Simply omitting fast food meals and sugary sodas will make a huge impact. Bloating, fatigue, mood & energy swings, high blood pressure and weight gain are all side effects of these food choices. Replace them with healthy proteins of lean meats and fish as well as fresh vegetables and salads. Have healthy snacks of fruit and nuts on hand for those times when the cravings hit. Protein portions should be roughly the size of your palm and vegetable portions should be approximately the size of your open palm.


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• Short Rigorous Exercises

Taking a rigorous walk for at least thirty minutes daily will boost your metabolism, energy level and mood. The goal is to increase your metabolism to burn more calories throughout the day. If you are short on exercise time, you can make your exercise short but rigorous. This will result in an increased after burn effect that will keep your metabolism up long after the exercise.

Begin moderate weightlifting and body resistance exercises such as planking and push-ups to build strong upper body and core muscles. You can then move on to more rigorous exercises such as sprints, and swimming among others. You’ll be amazed at what just ten minutes of strength building a day can accomplish. The results are truly amazing but you need to be committed if you want to have them.

Healthy Lifestyle

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• Strong Relationships

Starting and building strong relationships with other and yourself is also a vital step in building a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle. Who you surround yourself with will go a long way in helping you stay committed to your goals. Having at least one friend whom you can be challenging each other and working out together will be very beneficial to achieving your goals.

Working out alone especially when you are not even enrolled in a gym can be quite challenging especially if you are just starting out. To attain your goals of being strong and fit, you should at least start out with a partner till you have formed the habit of working out on a regular basis.

It’s said that it takes at least thirty days for new habits to be formed, make sure that you stick with your partner for at least a month. Follow this simple guideline for several weeks and you’ll be on the road to developing solid habits for a lifetime of healthy living. Good luck to you!