An engagement ring is a unique gift that is offered to his beloved.It is the testimony, or more precisely the proof of an act of love with commitment from a man towards his destiny soft. There is such a choice of engagement rings for sale that often we do not know which to buy his fiancee. Here’s to you a small guide on how to choose her engagement ring.


To Choose Which Type of Ring?

Obviously, your love shall in no event know that you will offer him an engagement ring . Indeed, an engagement application is usually done in the most secret way to elicit surprise from his beloved. Why it is essential to know the tastes of his companion in ring as it will have to carry throughout his life.

In jewellery designers, the choice is varied to match the personality of each woman.

Traditionally, the most popular model is the solitaire ring is a simple ring with a single diamond mounted on the ring. Afterwards, there was something called the stepped solitaire ring which share the same principle as the solitary but this time enhanced with small stones on the sides of the center stone.

For women who prefer more fancy, there are engagement rings flower shaped , or colorful patterns merging various metals and various colored stones such as diamonds red, green or blue.The course will emphasize rather elegant

women engagement rings with a contemporary style with clean lines and geometric lines. You can also opt for vintage or romantic designs that are very feminine.

Finally, for those who like personalized jewelry, you can opt for an expressive ring. For example the fact of finding his initials on her ring or a small word like “yes” or “love” engraved on it can be both original and touching.

Which Stone Should You Choose?

According to French tradition, a man must offer his future wife a diamond ring is a sign of purity and eternal love.
However, there are other precious stones as diamond, such as ruby symbolizes passionate love, emerald representing the true and fertile love or sapphire which means that you will always be faithful and true to it’s .

Ring in Silver or Gold Ring, What is The Right Choice?

Again, it is matter of preference. She usually carries conventional metals such as yellow gold , or does she prefer more discreet jewelry like silver or white gold jewelry? It is based on these preferences you will orient your choice. We just have to know that the standard for engagement rings is usually 18K but then you choose the ring that best match your budget and your desires.

Final note: If you do not know the size of the ring for your sweetheart, you only have to bring one of her rings to serve as a reference to the jeweler.