Modern-day pregnancy is indeed a far cry from pregnancy say, in the 19th century. Things have most definitely changed drastically, in terms of education, information distributed, how it is handled, the baby gear available and now, how mothers carry their pregnancies too as well. Admittedly, one of the driving factors of the latter is probably Hollywood, mainly because celebrities have given pregnancy a glam factor that is hard to ignore. With gorgeous maternity styles and a holistic approach to pregnancy, these moms have made it look far more stylish than it probably is actually. But then again, we are in the 21st-century, and here is why that means change for women who fall pregnant today.

Bring Out The Ladies

Sound cryptic? It will not be in a second. What we mean here is that you should flaunt your cleavage, because we guarantee that you will have some. Definitely enough to show off! So if you have been rather flat-chested throughout, consider this your golden opportunity. Go on and get yourself some lively scoop tops and other cleavage-bearing clothes. Pregnancy does not mean you have to wrap yourself up in yards of blankets and sweaters. Go take the world by storm!

Opt For The Maternity Options

Women do not want to give up their favourite fashion pieces because they are pregnant, and many clothing companies also realized that they did not want them to do that either. So what they did instead, was to come up with maternity lines for different clothing items, like jeans, halter dresses, etc. So if you love wearing skinny jeans before for instance, you can continue to do so with the maternity alternative. When you are done, give it to another mom who will make good use of it. You can still maintain your own style with pregnancy fashion so never fret.

Think Snug Not Bulk

A common mistake most first-time moms-to-be in particular make is opting for voluminous garments that engulf them to a point where even they cannot seem to emerge. All this does is add bulk, and make it even more difficult for you to get about. Instead, think of opting for snug clothes. So think comfortable, but not too large. You do not need to go for sheaths of cloth to ensure you are comfy. You can emphasize all your womanly features, which are even more beautiful during pregnancy. Accentuate your baby belly as well; it is right now, your best accessory!

Beyond Black

Another common thing most women do is stick to black shades when it comes to clothes. Why? We simply do not get it. There are so many beautiful maternity clothing options out there, and you have plenty of options as a result. Why stick to such a mundane color when you can instead play around and experiment with maternity clothing? There are various materials, prints, patterns and so on; all you need to do is figure out which are suited for you as you would even when not pregnant, and voila you are all done!