The price of diamonds must be considered from different points of view depending basically on what a buyer intends to acquire. This post is intended to guide a consumer to avoid being cheated by any merchant.



There Are A Few Topics of Discussion:

Investment diamonds:

This type of investment has to be made in an intellectual and professional manner. It is never recommended to invest in diamonds as a strategic value for those seeking to upgrade their capital in the near future.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Investment Diamonds:

Just remember this short slogan “many are called but few are chosen.” This is for the sake of the welfare of the customers since there are lots of complexities involved in acquiring this gem. Even a professional can be foxed at times. Diamonds are assets if the quality is good else they are worse than stones. It is necessary to know about diamonds properly before investing rather than just going by the buzz around you.

Here are some tips that you may follow to help yourself cheated by the merchants.

The prices are regulated by the DTC so that control does not lower prices and daily revalue to acquire wholesalers and the customers.

– They are easily transportable by its size and therefore can be moved to other countries.

– They are easily salable and bring no expenses or taxes.

In the last two paragraphs, it only remains to see what prices are these diamonds sold. The surprise comes when you see that selling prices are in many cases, are at least twice the price of origin. Special attention is required for the third point which puts emphasis on the fact that the purchase of diamonds is accompanied by the payment of Value Added Tax. Those who do not pay the VAT if they are purchased within the EU, but this VAT is transferred at the time of sale. That is, you have to pay taxes once they have been sold. Failure to do so it would be committing an offense against public finances.

If you are not a specialist in diamonds, you do not have access to bag diamond (either of the country that is) and just looking for a good investment, DO NOT purchase this type of product.

Diamonds in the field of Jewellery:

No doubt that this is the natural place for diamonds. The High Jewellery uses this gem by several factors, but mainly for the prestige and the characteristics of this mineral (hardness, brightness … etc.). This gem was used exclusively by the royalty and the upper classes until the early twentieth century. This tradition subsided when the South African diamond operations allowed to lower the price of diamonds and therefore popularize the use.

As for the price, and given that diamonds do not belong to a regulated sector of the economy, saying that depends on where you purchase. However the important thing in these cases is to look at the gemological characteristics that must come indicated in a gemological certificate with a signature diamond gemologist responsible for certification; who will logically responsible for everything the certificate states. Therefore the price, regardless of the above on freedom of prices, will be also linked to the quality of the diamonds .

You can sell your jewellery to a certain value. The price depends on the quality and how the diamond market is at all times. In many cases they are gifts resulting from anniversary, Christmas … etc. and sentimental value that makes the desire is to pass from parents to children generation after generation.

We hope these tips will be of assistance to those interested in the world of diamonds.