The sight of a tall, dark stallion galloping along freely and gracefully by the grasslands is one that is always worth the while. When it comes to horse riding and horse racing, however, all you’d see is a powerful, pumped up and charged creature ready to take on the tracks. There, you are unlikely to notice any of its beauty, partly because you are too excited for the event, and also because the horses would be covered in all kinds of gear and protective items to keep both the horse and rider ready and prepared for the race.

Blanketing Gear

Protective gear like horse rugs are used to cover your horse from rain or the cold, or from too much sunlight. They are found widely in many sizes and colours and are sometimes adjustable to fit the size of your horse. They are made with thick protective material that can provide the needed comfort and warmth at the same time, making sure it doesn’t cause any inconvenience or discomfort with its structure or weight. Riders would keep a horse rug nearby as it can come in handy anytime during practice or training or when there is a sudden change in weather.


A Saddle is a kind of seating which is a thick, padded, almost-flat structure that is laid over the back of the horse to provide as a seating for the rider. It is then safely fastened on to the body of the horse in order to keep it firm and still during a race. Without this gear, it is impossible to ride or race, and perhaps is not even allowed. A saddle provides comfort and protection to both the horse or pony and the rider. It is shaped and designed in a way that the rider and the horse aren’t hurt or subjected to any kind of inconvenience or discomfort during rough riding. The rider can be hurt from intense bumping and bouncing, and so can the horse from the resulting pressure. Using a suitable saddle could prevent this kind of injury and enhance the performance of both the horse and the rider by giving them the ability to focus on nothing but the race. It can also prevent the rider from slipping away and falling off the horseback which is highly likely owing to forceful movement and the silkiness of its fur.


A bridal is gear that is safely fastened onto the horse’s head with a leather strap running to the back that can be reached and held by the rider. The strap is used by the rider to direct the horse, or in other words, tell the horse what to do and where to go. When it comes to riding and racing, horses are well trained to handle and respond to this mode of instruction which is in fact friendly and effective. Usually they are made of soft, synthetic leather with a buckle and an adjustable belt that is safe and friendly on the horse’s skin and to keep on for prolonged periods. Riders require thorough training and awareness on how to use a bridle appropriately.