If you’ve ever moved to a new property, you probably know that moving regular household items can be a chore at the best of times. However, there are some items that are more than a chore to move and require some planning and special equipment to shift. Pianos are the best example of this, as they’re particularly heavy and cumbersome. This article will take a look at some steps that need to be taken in order to safely and securely move a piano from one place to another.

Don’t Attempt It Alone

Whatever you do, don’t attempt to move a piano by yourself. Pianos can weigh anywhere from 150kg through to 400kg, so trying to move one alone will almost certainly cause injury and in most cases will be virtually impossible. The first thing you need to do when planning on moving a piano is to enlist the help of a few friends or hire professional Melbourne removalists. Ideally, you should have four strong people to help you out when moving a piano.

H2: Preparing the Necessary Materials

Before doing any actual moving, you’re going to need to gather up the materials you need to carry out the move. Materials you’ll require include:

  • Blankets
  • Packing tape and ropes
  • Furniture straps
  • Moving dolly

Using heavy duty moving blankets is important in order to protect your piano from scratches and dents during transit, and packing tape and ropes are ideal for tying down the blankets and making sure your piano stays protected. Furniture straps can make life a lot easier when it comes to gripping and maneuvering the piano, while a moving dolly is also essential, as rolling a piano around is much easier than lifting it.

Preparing the Piano

Before moving the piano, you must first prepare it. Firstly, close the piano lid and be sure to lock it or tape it down if it has no lock. Remove the piano’s wheels (these are usually only good for repositioning the piano and aren’t designed to be wheeled great distances) and proceed to wrap the piano in moving blankets. Be sure that you wrap the piano thoroughly and cover all exposed surfaces to minimize the risk of damage. Use packing tape and rope to tape and tie down the blankets so they don’t fall off during transit.

Moving the Piano

To move the piano, you’ll have to place the moving dolly at one end of the piano and have 2 strong people lift the piano and place it on the dolly. Do this gently by leaning the piano onto the dolly – remember that while pianos are very heavy, they’re also rather fragile. Be sure to always keep the piano in its natural upright position, as this will ensure that all of its delicate internal mechanisms won’t become damaged. Ideally, the moving truck or van should have a hydraulic tailgate lift, but if it doesn’t, you can have your 2 strongest movers pull the piano up onto the truck and use the other people to provide lifting support by pushing the piano upwards.

Moving a piano can be very difficult, so if you don’t have some friends who can help, it’s best to hire Melbourne removalists to do the job for you. Not only will they be able to do it safely, but most Melbourne removalists will also be able to do it quickly and efficiently.