A sudden death is not an occasion that everyone plans for and very often the death of a loved one can catch you completely off guard in terms of expenses. However, despite the sadness that you and your family may experience during the loss of a loved one, arrangements and last rites for the departed could be customizable. This means that there are enough ways in which you can look to cut down on your expenses and organize a final gathering that is meaningful but won’t cost you a fortune as well. Read on for tips on how to cut costs when a sudden death in the family takes you by surprise.

Look At Cutting Costs Depending On the Location

If the loved one who passed away left specific instructions for burial or cremation, then it is the usual practice to try and meet those last wishes. However, if nothing has been planned, then look at where the memorial service will take place. If the person has passed away in an area that is away from their hometown or where they grew up you might want to consider if having a ceremony close to home would be best. Sometimes it could be cost-effective to discuss options with the funeral directors of both areas before taking a decision. If the family plot is in the loved one’s place of birth then it would be better to have the memorial service in that state rather than consider purchasing a plot at the last minute which could cost more.

Have a Plan In Place Before Discussing Figures

An important part of the planning doesn’t have to be limited to memorial service planning, but to set out a budget before engaging in discussions. As morbid as it might seem, certain instances could permit planning in advance or in some cases the loved one may have already made pre-paid arrangements, in which case you should find out details about the arrangements to avoid paying double. If not, depending on how much disposable income you have you can roughly set aside allocations for the service, the burial and the wake. Most firms that deal with such matters offer various packages and payments that could be made in installments.

Try To Do Things on a Smaller Scale and By Yourself

Maybe the best way to keep the cost down while preparing for a memorial service is to try and handle everything by yourself as far as possible. For instance, if the number of relatives is less and the request was to have only the family around during the burial then, perhaps look into preparing a few food items for the wake yourself. If relatives are willing, each one could help out with preparing a food item for the wake refreshments.  Keep items like flowers to a minimum, but you could lay out some old family albums and pictures of the deceased loved one out with some candles to dress up a table.

The following are just a few ideas on how to spend within a budget while preparing for a funeral. Death is often unexpected and catches most off guard and as such financing such an event at short notice can be stressful. However, with the above suggestions planning a ceremony should be less stressful.